Man With a Van

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One of the most hilarious films of all time, Man With a Van is a hilarious sequel the financially disastrous Argyll and Costello classic, It's a Wonderful Life. The same inscrutable American innocence that characterized the earlier film, Russell Brand plays the self-described Van Man, a man who travels back in time to modern-day New York City, where the two meet an attractive young woman working in a theatre. Instead of saving her, he chooses to go off with her to help him save his failing business... But will they be able to save their marriages and if they do, will Van Man destroy his family and his livelihood along the way?

When you imagine Michael Caine, you probably think of the actor in his most recognizable sequences in A Few Good Men, in which he is a bad guy who's about to get executed by the authorities. For Man With a Van London With a Van, but, Caine plays Robert "Bob" Wurzelbacher, an honest former truck driver who knows what it's like to manage people's possessions and the Van Man himself. As the movie progresses, we get to know more about the peculiar man who ends up having a pretty good time doing it. He even ends up getting out with his cousin, after being told authorities are looking to inspect his trucks. However, when two people from across the border decide to make a stop at his home, the situation get worse.

Brand portrays the role of the only man who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty - literally. After letting two movers take a swift retreat out of his home, he gets his own truck to do the rest of the work. Man with Van are amazed by his ability to complete the task quickly and effortlessly, and even allowing the two trucks he employs for the move to break some laws (one of which is related to the size of the front vehicle). When they agree to assist him, Bob realizes that he has more going on in his life than he believed. But despite all of that, he's still dedicated to helping people and making life easier for people around him.

In the meantime, a troubled teenager named Beth finds herself having a tough adjustment to her new surroundings. She's always being targeted however, she's confused about her past experiences and what she's likely to become in this new place. She tells her family about moving from the city to Man With a Van, but they don't believe her stories and soon she becomes frightened of the place. The two movers from the previous move come to help Beth out of a bind when they discover Bob's involvement in the moving. The two of them are able to save Beth and make her feel safe in the new city.

Eventually, Bob develops feelings for the local girl. Beth begins working together, and they eventually fall in love. Then, the unthinkable happens which puts their love on the back burner when Bob is fired from his position at newscorp.

I highly recommend this book to someone who's been in a similar position similar to Bob. It's a great read because it's realistic and real. It's not an uplifting story like most books, but it's filled with adventure and good lessons. This isn't your run-of-the-mill emotional read, neither. There's no cute sidekicks and numerous twists.

I would recommend this book to those who loves funny situations and enjoys an exciting plot. If that's the case, then this book is surely a book worth going through. My personal favorite was the moment the time that Bob and Beth made the decision to move into a van belonging to one of their mutual friends. The whole experience caused me to laugh numerous times. I also think the plot was enthralling. I didn't encounter any major problems with the plot, and it kept me interested from start to finish.

Overall, this was a great book. , and I believe that people would recommend it. Travel enthusiasts and are interested in adventure and want to know how other people deal with life in a humorous kind of way must definitely read Man With a Van by Paul Therien. It's a short and enjoyable read with a quality plot.