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Elvenar can be a free-to-play browser-based activity, where you will certainly build a flourishing city and find out a magical entire world packed with mysteries.

Build up up the most amazing metropolis and establish the particular most efficient economy that you can easily! In Elvenar a person can upgrade almost every building, improving typically the productivity and the look of your own city.

Explore the particular vast World Map to acquire the information of your wise ancestors and uncover new technologies. Business or fight over powerful Relics to boost your production.

You can both get a skilled plus well-known trader, refine your producing art or lead the troops to triumph in 3D-animated battles, your decision is up to you.

After many millennia, the historical and untouched entire world of Elvenar appears ready to get explored once once again, having recovered from its previous inhabitants. A new period dawns for your current people. Choose both Elves or Individuals and create a lush city within the city builder sport Elvenar. Both contests rely on typically the vision and management of you while their new leader.

Take care involving the development of your own village and direct Elves or Humans through the amazing realms of this particular new fantasy activity filled up with many secrets, mysterious monsters, and rich resources. Set out to find out long forgotten solutions and build a new prosperous city. Will you become some sort of force to become reckoned with in this kind of city building video game?

With the comeback of the wonderful Elvenar, a brand-new era draws in close proximity to!

Elvenar? s wasteland begins to flourish again, turning back to the thriving location it was numerous millennia ago. Old magic Relics of which were forgotten for thousands of years rise to the surface area and are expecting you to get and collect them in the limitless Provinces surrounding your current city.

Explore the world of Elvenar, make your own name and become well-known among your own neighbors!

Discover the cities of various other players, interact and even socialize with all of them. Establishing elvenar free game will assure you of their help and grant fee-free trading conditions.

Find the Relics and obtain the magical knowledge of the remote forefathers of Elvenar. All sorts of Relic can easily boost the manufacturing of a certain good? which ones can you focus in?

Each State features eight Relationships, where you will meet each person plus characters that will consider to trade their own Relics with a person.

But negotiating will be not really the only choice to get your hands on these precious rewards. In case you are up for that, you are able to fight with regard to them and direct your troops directly into epic, 3D-animated struggles against powerful opponents.